ASYS DAY 1 2021

The first day of the summit will open up the 2-day summit with High Level panels. The first day will also include some presentations from African Child Rights Experts. The first day will also include some key discussions centered around the demands of the Fair Share to End Child Labour Campaign. The first day is expected to have a special conversation with a key personality to discuss the impacts COVID-19 is having on the child rights.

ASYS DAY 2 2021

The 2nd and Final day of the summit will include more specific discussions focused on how the various sectors of the economy can contribute effectively to bringing an end to child labour. The second day will also see to the launch of “The Law and the African Child: An Assessment of Africa’s Legal Regime on the Rights of the Child”. The summit will be wrapped up with some remarks from partners as well.

1. Don’t laugh at sexist jokes.
2. Give a disapproving look to show a behavior or statement is not okay.
3. Leave a pointed and uncomfortable silence.

Calling out sexism, harassment, abuse, and gender inequity when we witness it is the first step towards ending violence against women. We can all begin to make a difference by addressing the attitudes and behaviors that lead to gendered violence by calling it out.

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